13 Nights Of Reelz Scary!

If you’ve been reading Mom Spark for a while now, you probably know that my husband and I made a horror flick a couple of years ago called Army of Frankensteins. It took a ton of dedication from the whole family, friends, and other incredibly dedicated people who helped us to make it a reality.

Working on that movie was quite the experience and if anything, it gave me an even greater respect for others working in the industry. Often this genre sees meager budgets and a ton of grunt work to make it a possibility, but the results are worth it.


When our movie came out in 2013, after years of planning, prep, shooting, and editing, it was such a good feeling! I’m hooked on scary movies, and so is my eldest son (who actually had a role in the movie), which is why I wanted to tell you guys about REELZ and their 13 Nights of REELZ Scary Programming which kicked off October 20th, running until Halloween night!

Each night, shows will revolve around all of your horror film favorites — behind the scenes documentaries of classic movies, as well as REELZ original shows like Fame Kills and Murder Made Me Famous.

Here are just a few of the titles you can expect!

  • The Amityville Horror Murders
  • Psycho
  • Behind The Screams: The Conjuring
  • Inside Story: Halloween
  • Behind The Screams: The Exorcist
  • Murder Made Me Famous: Ted Bundy
  • Fame Kills: Nashville Nightmare
  • Silence of the Lambs

Even now, all I can think about it is what it would have been like to work on some of these movies! I’m most interested to check out all of the cool behind the scene docs to get a peek at their process and their story. So neat! I know my husband is going to want to tune in with me!

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Check out REELZ Channel each night until Halloween to catch these awesome shows! Begins 9pm EST/6pm PST. Check out reelz.com/reelzscary for more info! Be sure to check out the site to use their channel finder to figure out which channel REELZ is on.

I’m so excited for this awesome scary movie marathon! Can’t wait to watch tonight!

This post is sponsored by Reelz.