Reading to Your Children 15 minutes a Day. Our Favorite Books.

Ok, so I know I usually write about food. And more food. And still more food.

But I realize there is a little more to life than food.


Something else I am very passionate about is literature. And sharing that love with my children.

We try to read together almost every day. Sometimes one book, sometimes ten. And I try to find children’s literature that both my children AND I (or my husband) can enjoy together. Something that won’t make mommy and daddy want to fall asleep in the middle of page two.

There are amazing classics out there, and incredible up-and-coming children’s lit authors yet to be discovered. You really don’t have to read about “Swiper-no-swiping” or the Disney Princess falling in love with the Disney Prince for an hour every night! There is hope. I promise. You might even be surprised at how quickly 15 minutes goes by when you are exploring The Garden of Abdul Gasazi for the first time, or getting Fancy with lessons from Nancy.

reading to children
Reading often to your children inspires creativity, language and comprehensive development and it’s just seriously fun. Especially when you give the characters funny voices or accents, ask your children probing questions after the story about what they noticed or thought, and let your kids fill in the sight words they might be currently learning in school. It is typically recommended that parents read to their children just 15 minutes a day. Not so hard when even mom and dad are looking forward to it!

I find it is helpful to compile a list of titles or authors I want to introduce my kiddos to before I go into the library. This list usually comes from memories of books I loved as a kid, news of new authors I’ve seen around the web, or recommendations from friends and family.

Sometimes we find a book at the library we just fall in love with, and end up purchasing our own copy after the kids sadly return the original to the library. is an excellent resource for this.
Following is a small list of some of our most favourite authors and titles:
Maurice Sendak:
every book by this man is wonderful!
Mo Willems :
author of our favourites: Knuffle Bunny and The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
Tomie dePaola:
author of Strega Nona Books and a very fond memory from my childhood, Charlie needs a Cloak.
Chris Van Allsburg:
author of The Polar Express, Jumanji and many more amazing stories…
our personal favourites include The Garden of Abdul Gasazi and Two Bad Ants. His illustrations alone are incredible.
Rudyard Kipling:
author of the amazing Just So Stories
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Series by Betty MacDonald
The Sneetches and Other Stories by the great Dr. Seuss
Jon Scieszka:
We really, REALLY love his stuff – this man is a genius. (for those with younger kiddos like we have – he does use the naughty “stupid” word *GASP* in some of his stories. sometimes we just replace it with “silly”.)
Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor:
shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but even my manly 5 year old son likes this book!
Mercer Mayer:
I read Little Critter books when I was five…and remember loving them!
Shel Silverstein:
The Giving Tree makes me cry every time. An incredible story of love and sacrifice.
His poetry is also hilarious and ingenious. So much to choose from – read them all!
Frog and Toad
And of course, for the little ones, Sandra Boynton is a fun choice.
I would really love to know your personal favourite reads, and am thinking we might compile them into a Part Two Post!
Enjoy reading together!