20 Ways To Feel Awesome (Even When You Don’t Feel Awesome)

It’s been a awesome week in my neck of the woods, Mom Sparkles.

We sold our condo and took on a new project that has my partner and myself downright giddy with excitement. I’ve collaborated with new people on my blog, and my daughter was named Customer of the Day at our favourite cafe downtown.

Pretty awesome stuff.

20 Ways To Feel Awesome (Even When You Don't Feel Awesome)

20 Ways To Feel Awesome (Even When You Don't Feel Awesome)

I actually feel like I’m on a bit of a roll.

But sometimes, I don’t feel that way at all. And for a lot of people, I think it’s easy to get bogged down when you’re having a less-than-awesome sort of week, or month, or year even. So what can you do?

I have put together a few tips for cheering up the blahs whenever they creep into your life. Take a look…

20 Ways To Feel Awesome (Even When You Don’t Feel Awesome)

  1. Point out the awesome in someone else’s life. You’ll get a contact high by making a friend, coworker, or family member feel amazing.
  2. Let it all out. Sometimes you just have to vocalize what is making you miserable before it will go away. You literally have to let it out of you mouth before you can start to deal with it, so that the awesome can trickle in.
  3. Hug a dog. Snuggle a cat. Or go horseback riding if that’s your thing. Spend some time with animals because it’s really hard to feel sad around them, and they know exactly how to help.
  4. Eat something freakishly healthy. Your body will feel awesome.
  5. Watch your children sleep. In the grumpiest moments of my life, I’ve been lulled to peace by the sight of my sleeping babe. Cozy up beside them if it helps.
  6. Do something spontaneous and unexpected. Take a last minute trip with your girlfriends, buy a present for a friend for no reason, jump into a lake fully clothed, sing really loud in public, be silly.
  7. Smile. Smile a lot.
  8. Laugh. Laugh MORE. Watch the funniest movie you can think of. Spend time with a giggle-inducing pal.
  9. Get rid of some stuff. De-clutter a closet, get rid of that box of paper you don’t need, pack away all the kids clothing that hasn’t fit for six month. This ALWAYS feels awesome.
  10. Drink a lot of water.
  11. Forgive someone for something.
  12. Bake cookies. Share them with your neighbours.
  13. Hug people.
  14. Read a good book with a cup of tea in the most comfortable place you can imagine.
  15. Turn off all techy gadgets for an entire day. Enjoy the silence.
  16. Send someone flowers. Send yourself flowers. Pick wild flowers. Smell the flowers.
  17. Make a donation of time or money to a charity you really believe in, or volunteer at a retirement residence, school, animal shelter, hospital, anywhere.
  18. Go to bed earlier than usual.
  19. Give yourself an incredible facial, floss your teeth, moisturize, paint your toenails — find an hour to really treat yourself to a tiny home spa session that’ll have you feeling seriously pampered.
  20. Breathe. Take a deep breath in, hang onto it at the top, and slowly blow it out. Repeat 10 times. Feel awesome.

Try just one thing on this list the next time you’re feeling less-than-stellar. Or do ten things. Or give all 20 a shot if the mood strikes you!

Even during those times in life when it seems like nothing is going right, or you feel overwhelmed — there’s always time for a little break, and a little moment of awesome.

Your mission, friends, should you choose to accept it — head down to the comments section and share something AWESOME that has happened in your life lately!

High five.