3 Surprising Things I Discovered At My First BlogHer

With this year’s BlogHer conference just about two and a half weeks away, I’m thinking back to all of my wonderful experiences from BlogHer’11 in San Diego. 

Attending that very first blog conference was a whirlwind of people and events and travel… and I learned SO much. It truly is an incredible 1/2 week of insanity. Beautiful, busy, brilliant… crazy. There were also parts of the whole experience that stunned me — in the best ways possible.

Today I wanted to share a few things that surprised — and delighted me! — at BlogHer.

No. 1: You don’t have to budget a fortune to attend!
Aside from booking your hotel/ticket/transportation, don’t feel as though you need a $1000 budget to make your BlogHer adventure worthwhile. You’ll find, especially with a full conference pass, that you’ll barely need to spend a dime on food. If you’re going to do some shopping, bring a little extra cash, but you may be so busy you’ll forget to hit the shops! (Fun fact: At BlogHer’11, after conference costs themselves, I actually did not spend a single dime. Not even on coffee! It can be done!)

blogher mom spark

 Morgan (@mamalovespapa) and myself, hanging poolside at BlogHer’11.

No. 2: The feeling of meeting someone you’ve “known” online for years is AMAZING!
I can hardly describe the incredible connections I made as I met people I’d read about for years. Meeting Mom Spark‘s Amy, after working with her for three years, was wonderful. It was as though we’d been friends for life. Hooking up with the gals behind SortaCrunchy,, PhD in Parenting, The Eco Chic, and more! So many incredible ladies that I feel so fortune to have met! It’s a serious life-high, let me tell you.

No. 3: BlogHer will change your life. 
Does that sound a little high and mighty? In my eyes, BlogHer absolutely has the potential to change your life. If you are attending the conference to further your blogging career, you have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on brands and peers. Don’t just hand out your business card — talk to people you’re interested in working with and give them a reason to remember you. Think of ways to work with sponsors before you arrive, get into conversations with new people, talk to your fellow bloggers, make friends, phew! Attending BlogHer may just be the thing that gives you the momentum you’re looking for! And I hope to see you there!

What surprised you about your first blogging conference?

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