3 Upgrades Every Family Will Make

There’s no denying that as a family grows, the surroundings and items in their life will need to grow, too. It’s inevitable and unavoidable.

For today’s post, I am sharing three items that just about every growing family eventually needs to upgrade, as well as a major tip on how to make those upgrades affordable.

Let’s get started!


Remember when you bought your first house and it was so perfect and cozy? You were sure it would be easy to raise your kids there. But as your kids grew, so did your housing needs.

3 Upgrades Every Family Will Make

Maybe that first house wasn’t near the kind of schools you wanted, or maybe the reality of two teenagers and no finished basement was different than you thought it would be. Whether you decide to move or reconstruct your existing house, chances are that as your kids grow you’ll be making some big changes to your housing situation.


Did you ever know one of those families that kept the “good furniture” covered in plastic? It’s weird, but the truth is nothing can ruin a couch like a determined four year-old.

3 Upgrades Every Family Will Make

As your kids grow you’d be amazed at how quickly that “perfectly good chair” is now “that chair that sags in the middle.” Plus, having kids means spending more time at home and entertaining often, which for can also lead to redecorating fever. One that I “may” be guilty of myself.


For some people, a new car is a once-a-decade purchase, but for others a new car is every five years or less. Whatever your philosophy, something will likely change as your kids get older.

3 Upgrades Every Family Will Make

While a small hatchback may work just fine for smaller children, sports equipment and friends start taking up space quickly as time passes. You may find yourself finally going for the SUV

Once you’ve got a teenager looming on the horizon, your car buying goals may also include something that a new driver can use.

All these changes may sound doable and even exciting, but when you have kids you also have a future to save for. That’s where the BuyPower Card from Capital One can help.

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It never occurred to me until we renovated parts of our house that I might one day need to buy a shower or a toilet, and that putting big purchases like that on a rewards credit card like the BuyPower Card could help toward another big purchase down the road – a new vehicle.

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