5 Cool Summer Wedding Ideas!

Planning a summer wedding? This year, next year, five years from now? No matter, pin these ideas and keep them handy for when the big day is upon you!

5 Cool Summer Wedding Ideas

Dancing Shoes

Offer up flip-flops as dancing shoes for when your guests can’t stand their fancy heels anymore! I know I’ve been at a few weddings where I’ve ended up barefoot when my shoes starting to torture my toes!

Program Fans

Turn your programs into fans so your guests can keep cool in the hot summer heat. This is completely brilliant. I know I’ve used a program as a fan, but this lets your guests know you want them to!

Bottled Water

Keep lots of water on hand so your guests stay happy and hydrated! Or fill a few big drink dispensers with ice water and have folks refill their glasses all afternoon.

Beverage Cozies

I love these adorable drink cozies! A totally functional keepsake that your guests will love to use and take home.

Bug Juice

Keep the bugs at bay with a barrel of bug spray! No one wants to be swatting away mosquitoes while they’re trying to hear your vows!

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