5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

If you check in on this blog often you know that this is my summer of easy entertaining! I’m determined to enjoy the summer casually with friends and family.

I’ve been thinking about ways to make this happen, like keeping easy to make foods on hand and not stressing too much about the look of my house. Here are five other easy hacks for making the most of summer entertaining.

5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

Keep Outdoor Boxes

Nothing takes the joy out of entertaining like trying to round up the supplies. Fill a large plastic box with your outdoor dishes and cups (or paper products, no judgment here, no one likes to wash dishes) and then everything is ready to go. You could make another box for outdoor toys for the kids, and one for grill supplies. Make sure anything that you want to store outside has a tight lid, and don’t let rain or sprinkler water pool on the top to prevent mosquitos.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit can be a life saver and a party hack in so many ways. It’s great for feeding to sweaty kids, cooling down white wine and other drinks, and just generally adding a touch of class to a bottle of water.

5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

You can freeze fruit in ice cube trays and then transfer to plastic bags.

Easy Drink Tags

Drink tags help adults and kids alike find their drinks and help cut down on waste or dish washing for you. The easiest possible solution is to have guests write their names on a plastic cup. If you frequently have the same guests, you can even use reusable plastic cups and keep them in your outdoor box to make guests feel special. Another easy solution is to write names on rubber bands. Remember those Rainbow Loom bracelet kits that every child needed two summers ago? If you still have the loom and the tiny rubber bands sitting around, why not put a child to work creating different colored bands to go around cups?


If you’re serving food outside you may be weary of having too many chemical bug sprays around the food. Lemons are a natural bug repellant. Cutting a lemon in half and putting it near any food serving or prep areas will help keep insects at bay.

5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

Lemon is also a great preservative. Add lemon juice to guacamole, pre-sliced apples or pre-cut potatoes to keep them from browning.

Buy Large

It’s hard to run to throw together a last minute party if you need to shop for supplies. On the other hand, it’s hard to feel good about entertaining if your house looks like a warehouse. That’s why I like products that come in a large size. For me, Charmin’s Mega Roll fits the bill.

5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

Charmin Ultra Mega Roll lasts longer than even the leading 1,000 sheet brand, based on average usage. The large size of the roll means I’m not going to run out when guests are over (embarrassing) and Charmin’s Roto-Rooter Clog Free Guarantee means I’m not going to have plumbing problems (even more embarrassing).

5 Hacks for Easy Summer Entertaining

Remember, summer entertaining should be easy and fun, buy ahead, buy large and then sit and relax.

What’s your favorite summer party tip? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Charmin. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.