5 Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

As we begin to say goodbye to winter and a very happy hello! to springlike temperatures, it won’t be long until we hear the words, “Mom, I’m bored!” as our kids are plagued by those inevitable rainy afternoons!

Though I’m happy to send the kids outside to play in the rain when it’s warm and just sprinkling, when it’s still chilly and the skies are cloudy, it’s not much fun to play in the slush, just to come back inside soggy and grumpy. Instead, I like to break out some tried and true rainy day activities, especially for my youngest son!

Here are a few fun ideas for when the skies are grey and a trip to the park just won’t cut it!

Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love!

  • An indoor scavenger hunt: Make a list of things to find around the house and offer up a fun prize!
  • Fan mail: Ask your child to write a piece of mail or draw a picture to send to someone they admire! A celebrity, their teacher, grandma, or maybe a friend!
  • Get creative in the kitchen: Pop onto Pinterest and find a fun new recipe to test and enjoy.
  • Build a fort: Need I say more? This is always a hit — for adults too!
  • Movie time: Turn your living room into movie-watching haven! Push your furniture to the side and fill the floor with blankets and sleeping bags for cozying up and watching a favorite flick!

These activities are also great to pull out when your child is home sick from school. It’s tough watch your children spend those sick days on the couch, bored and frustrated that they can’t get outside. After some rest, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a cold medicine you can trust, your child will be well on his way to feeling like himself again!