5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Spring

This is a post for everyone affected by the supremely cold weather that has graced us with its presence this season. It’s been a strange winter here in Southern Ontario, but for many of my US pals who don’t usually see as much snow and such frigid temperatures, we’re all getting pretty tired of the white stuff, eh?

For this reason, and the fact that I live in a tourist town that really starts to come alive once the snow thaws, I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING! I want to see green, I want to feel warm breezes, and I want to know that my car will definitely start each morning without needing a battery boost. Brr!

Today, with the hopes that enough mental power and warm thoughts might encourage winter to take a hike, here are the top five reasons why I can’t wait for Spring!

reasons i can't wait for spring

Reason no. 1: I want to wear cute rain boots!

For the last few months my feet have been stuck in my clunky, albeit comfortable, Sorel boots. While I actually love the style (they are orange and cute!) I’m over having sweaty feet when I come in the house and I long for day when I can pop outside and back in without 5 minutes of lacing and rearranging the liners.

Since our Springs are pretty wet, my next season of footwear calls for rainboots — and they’ve got to be pretty! Last year I managed to put a hole in my Tretorns, so I’m in the market for some new wellies.


How cute are Hunter boots? The geometric pattern is really fun and with the subdued palette, they’d still be great with any springtime outfit.

Reason no. 2: I love spring jackets!

A few years ago I splurged on a really nice winter coat. It’s a pretty colour, it’s super warm, and it’s driving my nuts. I feel like a big ball of fluff when I’m wearing it and it’s too hot for when I’m driving any length of time. Basically, I’ll be thrilled again when I can grab my faux-leather jacket or my jean jacket for a quick boo around the block.


I love this jacket from Urban Outfitters a whole bunch.

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Spring

This simple style from Free People is on my wish list too.

Reason no. 3: I miss flowers!

I know that right now I could pop into any flower shop or order a bouquet online and indulge in a bouquet for my desk, but what I’m really missing is seeing flowers in bloom OUTSIDE and all around. A few years ago I lived in a house which had poppies grown all around the backyard. I miss that pop of colour!


Now that we live downtown we get to see the beautiful flower displays that the city puts up throughout the warm season.

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Soon the streets will be alive again and all that greyish-white blah will be gone!

Reason no. 4: I can take my dog to the off-leash park!

We have a fantastic dog park here in town, and while it’s open all year long, my dog is terrible at cold weather. He prefers to spend his days laying in front of a space heater in our living room.


Even with booties and a jacket, he’s frozen within about 10 minutes of being outside in this weather.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.22.16 PM

However, once the temperatures are more tolerable, I’ll be able to take him back to the park where he can romp with his puppy friends.

Reason no. 5: I can wear my hair down!

Ok, this is going to sound hilarious, but my hair is really long and when I wear it down during try dry winter month, by the end of the day I’m left with a matted, frizzy mess. The back of my hair, right at the nape of my neck, ends up looking like a stray dog — seriously. And brushing out that mess each day leaves my hair even more grumpy than it was before. This means that you’ll most often see me with a messy top knot until the warmer weather shows up and I can literally let my hair down. I can even straighten with a flat iron if I feel the urge!

I’ve also been in the process of growing my bangs out, or at least I’ve now reached the sorta-kinda halfway mark which means I’m due for a haircut very soon. Are you a fan of bangs or no? I’ve been eyeing up a few bang-less styles for Spring and I’m torn as to what I want next! (This gal makes me want to grow my bangs right out — I love her top knot without the bangs up front. Looks even more effortless.)


Part of me is also dreaming of dying my hair like this again — this is the back of my head circa 2012 and man did I love love that colour!

So friend, tell me — are you tired of the snow? Why are you eager to see the Spring season arrive in all its glory?

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