5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children

5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children momspark.net

As a parent, there are so many moments that you want to remember and cherish for years to come. If you are afflicted with “mommy brain” (as I certainly am!) then a camera is your best bet on keeping those memories intact.

However, children are busy little bodies and snapping successful portraits of them isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to help you fill your albums with fantastic photos while keeping your sanity and having fun!

Tip #1: Location Is Key!

There’s no doubt that your children will be more receptive to a photo shoot if they are also having fun while you’re doing all that pointing and clicking. Taking your kids to a park, the beach or to the zoo maximizes your opportunity for fun photos while they are happily playing or being otherwise distracted.

You will also benefit with backgrounds that are much more exciting than your living room or kitchen! Taking photos outside also allows you to take advantage of natural light instead of relying on artificial lighting which isn’t especially flattering for anyone.

Tip #2: Get Down To Their Level!

Getting eye to eye with your children makes your photos that much more personal. It will create an intimate feeling and you’ll really be able to capture those special moments from your child’s point of view.

It’s also a great idea to focus on your child’s eyes – this will give a real spark to your photos. A child’s eyes are where their personality shines through and by highlighting this feature your photos will really be stunning.

5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children momspark.net

Tip #3: Act Natural!

One thing that is sure to give you painfully awkward photos is posing your child and asking them to smile. This will almost always give you photos which look forced and uncomfortable.

Instead of trying to fake a scene, follow your kids around the backyard, or quietly take a photo while they are working on a craft project – by capturing them in their “natural habitat” you’ll be sure to get them at their best!

That being said, it is completely possibly to get beautiful images of your child with a posed photo. However, depending on the age of your child, they may or may not have the patience or attention span. Give it a try and you’ll soon find out how comfortable your kids are in front of the lens!

Tip #4: Get Them Involved!

By making a photo shoot into a fun activity, you can include your children and give yourself a better chance at getting some really great shots.

Try playing a game and snapping photos of them in action – or better yet, let THEM take photos of each other or of themselves! By being a part of the photo taking process your child will feel like they are contributing and they will be oh so proud to see their own photos in the family album.

5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children momspark.net

Tip #5: Be Patient!

Some days will certainly be better than others for taking photos. If your kids are grumpy or tired, they may not take kindly to having a camera shoved in their face – on the other hand, don’t forget to capture some of those cranky moments too! Even those crabby little faces will make you smile years from now.

Just read your child’s emotions and try to make photo time a happy time – or you may find yourself with a kid who will avoid the camera all together!

I hope these tips will help make your future photo taking experiences a snap! Just remember to have fun and you’ll be sure to get some great shots!