5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

My hair has gone through many phases, especially since becoming a mother. It’s been short, long, colored, natural — awesome and sometimes not-so-awesome. You’ll hear people talking a lot about how pregnancy and motherhood changes your hair and it’s completely true. Some find they have more hair after entering the mom zone, and some find that their hair just isn’t what it used to be.

5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Having healthy and beautiful hair would be a dream come true for any woman who has been struggling with their locks being less luscious than they would like, so today I wanted to share five tips for getting the gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of.

5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Turn down the heat.

This has been a really tricky one for me to stick with, but when I do, I can feel the difference almost immediately. If you’re all about blow drying, flat irons, and hot showers, you’ll be annoyed that I’m offering this up as a tip, but I swear it helps when you stop putting your hair through daily heat-torture! Try to get out of the habit of blow drying and flat ironing every single day and compromise with yourself. You can also try turning down the heat of your water at the end of the shower which is great for your pores as well!

5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Sleep on it.

How do you wear your hair to bed? Do you leave it down or tie it up in a ponytail? Do you braid it or wrap it or do something special? For the least amount of breakage, I’m going to suggest tweaking your sleeping situation just a little! First, braid your hair into pigtails before you go to bed — you might feel like a girl scout, but your hair will thank you in the morning. Also, splurge on a silk pillowcase — a super smooth pillowcase will prevent flyaways, breakage, and you might even notice that your SKIN feels better too! Win win!


Viviscal® Extra Strength is perfect for women with thinning hair. The 100% drug-free hair vitamin supplements help to nourish hair and promote existing hair grown from within. I’ve recently seen some amazing success with this product — thicker hair, increased length, less breakage, and my locks are SO super shiny! We all know that a healthy, gorgeous head of hair can do wonders for our self-confidence — something we can really use when we haven’t slept, the kids are crying, dinner’s not made, and we have a project due in the morning. It seems silly that an awesome head of hair can make a difference, but I know that when I don’t feel presentable, the rest of my world suffers for it! It’s just for you and it’s all about how you feel!

5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Defy the dry.

It’s about to get SERIOUSLY dry around here. Fall and winter are the meanest months for our hair and by the time spring rolls around you end up crying over split ends and nobody’s happy. Invest in a humidifier and turn it on each night before you go to bed. Let the moisture get back into your hair as you sleep and you’ll start to see a big difference.

Take down the top knot.

Ok, it’s our go-to hairstyle because it’s super easy and pretty darn cute — but you’ve got to give your hair a break every now and then if you want to say goodbye to breakage! Even if it’s just at night to start, your hair will be much happier if it’s left loose here and there!

I hope these tips help you to get the hair you want this year! I know they’ve helped me! 🙂

5 Tips For Getting The Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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