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5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

I love having family over for the holidays, but I admit that like a lot of hosts, I stress over the cleanliness and organization of my house. My family and friends are all fairly laid back, so it’s not that I need to have the house looking perfect, but I find if I don’t prepare for company, I waste a lot of time that I’d rather spend with company taking care of other things.

5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

Like that Thanksgiving that I had to find an open store to buy toilet paper because we ran out, for example. Because our local store wasn’t open (hello, Thanksgiving) and toilet paper isn’t something you can just do without, it nearly threatened to ruin the holiday. Luckily, now that Charmin has Mega Rolls, this doesn’t happen to me anymore.

5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

Using Charmin Mega Rolls (they come in ultra soft or ultra strong) has been one of those time savers that I never would have thought of before. But, with kids and older relatives and a lot of great food, you go through a surprising amount of toilet paper during the holidays. One Charmin Mega Roll equals four of Charmin’s regular rolls, so it really is a BIG deal*.

*based on number of sheets

5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

As long as you know you have at least one mega roll in the house, you know you’re covered! Here are five other things I do that help me spend more time with my guests, too!

Big Kid Proof

My kids are long past the age of having to cover electrical outlets, or putting medicine out of reach. But, when the boys have cousins or friends over, there is definitely a chance for mayhem. I put breakables out of the way so that I don’t have to spend my time policing the kids. If you have younger kids visiting, consider reminding your older kids to put their favorite toys or Lego creations out of the way to keep them safe from prying hands.

Paper Guest Towels

Obviously, based on my Charmin Mega Roll anecdote, I worry a lot about what’s going on in the bathroom during the holidays. One thing I’ve noticed is that no one ever wants to use my guest towels, I guess they were too cute! Then people would either rummage through my linen closet, or come bother me in the kitchen looking for paper towels. Instead, I bought some cute, disposable guest towels, and I leave them right under the fancier permanent guest towel. That way, people can use what they wish.

Buy in Bulk

Obviously, I’m a fan of Charmin Mega Roll, but toilet paper is not the only thing that is annoying to run out of during the holidays. Paper towels, sponges, dish soap, hand soap, tissues, and aluminum foil all go amazingly fast when you have a big meal and company in the house. Especially if you’re particular about brands, these are items that you should stock up on before the holidays.

Write Down Instructions

Is there anything more annoying than trying to stuff a turkey and having someone ask you how the TV remote works? Everyone’s remote control is different, so if you have guests that want to watch the game, write out some instructions before they get there. While you’re at it, add on the wi-fi network and password. After the holidays, think about laminating the instructions and keeping them in your guest room.

Stash Snacks Out of the Kitchen

During most of the year, we only let the kids eat in the kitchen, dining room and on the deck at our house. But let’s face it, that’s not going to fly during the holidays with guests and unusual meal schedules. If you keep easy to eat, healthy snacks somewhere other than the kitchen people can help themselves without disturbing your meal prep. I think it goes without saying that guests should feel free to use paper plates and napkins as well.

5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

So now you know – my secret to making sure the holidays go smoothly is Charmin Mega Roll. How do you prepare your house for guests?

5 Tips to Make Preparing the House for the Holidays Mega Easy

Happy Holidays!

This post is sponsored, but all ideas and embarrassing stories are my own.