7 Smart Things to Pack for a Road Trip

Over the past five years, I have been traveling more than I ever have in my life. I absolutely love the thrill of adventure as I walk into a new city, restaurant or hotel.


While I usually travel via plane, I love good old fashioned road trips! There is something about loading the family in the car and heading down the interstate that brings a bit of excitement to all of us.


However, unlike a flight, a road trip is a lot more time in close quarters, with possibly days or even weeks of driving from place to place. This means you might need a few ideas on how to keep everyone in happy-vacation mode, even when the threat of “boredom” looms!


Packing for these trips isn’t something I can do on the fly, so I try to make a list and check items off as I go. Here are a few of the things that I definitely don’t want to forget on road trips, aside from clothing and toiletries, etc. With Spring Break road trips coming up, I hope that the items below make your life a little easier when you’re on the road with your family!


7 Smart Things to Pack for a Road Trip

An earphone splitter so both kids can listen to a movie on a tablet without making me bonkers in the front seat.

Pillows for the backseat for if my crew gets sleepy -they keep them cozier aka less cranky on longer drives.

Snacks that won’t get gross in the car — raisins and other dried fruits, homemade muffins, lots of water! Bring a cooler to stock cold drinks and foods that need refrigeration. One of my kiddo’s favs being Frigo ® Cheese Heads ® String Cheese!

An iPod packed with music of all genres so you’re not stuck if you end up in an area where all the radio stations are fuzzy or terrible!

Travel apps, a GPS, or some other manner of keeping yourself from getting too lost.

My collection of essential oils for when someone may have an upset tummy or the kids are being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Baby wipes. They clean everything!

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