A Story of a Tween’s First Bra {giveaway}

I remember getting my first bra like it was yesterday.

I was a sporty kind of girl who didn’t really have time to fuss with developing into a young woman. All I wanted to do was play volleyball and run track. The idea of spending time at the store picking out a bra that would help me focus on my sport of choice instead of my blossoming body made me cringe.

A Story of a Tween's First Bra

At the end of the day, getting my first bra was much less painful than I thought it would be. It helped me build self-confidence in my body and its ability to be athletic and active.

Hanes Red Label offers a variety of first bra options for every type of girl.

For the girls on the go, they have a seamless foam, strappy back bra designed for absolute comfort and versatility that allows her to wear this bra with any style of top.

For girls who just like a healthy dose of everyday comfort, the cozy pullover and seamless foam bras in the Hanes Red Label line are the perfect fit. They’ll keep any tween girl confident!

And finally, for the girls who prefer a more smooth and sleek fit, the molded wire free bras offer versatile support and coverage.

Sure, getting your first bra has the potential to be mortifying and embarrassing, but with so many options to fit every tween girl’s needs, Hanes can help take a lot of the stress out of making that big decision.

Hanes Red Label bras are available at Target.


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