A Weekend in Enid, Oklahoma

A couple weekend ago, the family and I loaded up my husband’s SUV and headed to the city of my birth – Enid, Oklahoma.

Though I only lived in Enid until I was about 3 years old or so, my granda remained there (in the same house, no less), as well as several members of our extended family, so I visited quite a bit as a kid.

My grandmother is 89 now, which seems entirely impossible, and you wouldn’t know it if you spent time with her. She just keeps on going and going and going. I even dare to say that she has more energy than Charlie (6).

Here is a recap of our weekend.

Jumping on beds.

1950’s Crayola crayons.

A Weekend in Enid, Oklahoma
Games with Grandma.

Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse.

A Weekend in Enid, Oklahoma
Mini golf.

Train ride at Meadowlake Park.

Pool jumping.