Always Have a Wifi Connection With the AT&T Portable HotSpot.

This post is sponsored by Netgear.

I have been in the online space for quite some years. I started my stint back in 2004 or so with a LiveJournal account, moved over to ebay as a PowerSeller for a few years and then, as you know if you are HERE, to a full-time blogger.

What do all of these online things have in common? Internet. It’s quite difficult to document my life or list a auction without it, and now that being online is my career it is important that I have reliable service, even when I am traveling or away from home.

Though I do travel quite a bit for work and with my family, I had never tried a portable hotspot device. I am not sure why? It wasn’t until Netgear reached out to me a few weeks before the BlogHer conference regarding a review of such device that I finally tried one out, and boy, had I wished I had done so years ago!

So, a few days before BlogHer, I received a Netgear AT&T Unite Pro to take with me and try out.


Specs include:

  • Connect up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.
  • Surf, stream, and more for up to 16 hours of continuous use.
  • Keep your smartphone going with BatteryBoost.
  • Use the 2.4″ capacitive touchscreen to manage your connection.
  • Device supports LTE Advanced.

To be honest, I always assumed that a portable hotspot device would be a difficult process to set up and use, as if I couldn’t just throw it in my luggage and go, but that was NOT the case with the Unite Pro. It was SO EASY to understand, set up and connect to.

I tried out the Unite Pro for the first time at the airport before my flight to San Jose and I could not believe how much faster my connection was verses the airport internet that I would normally use. I was a believer right from the beginning.

When I arrived in San Jose, my hotel room wasn’t quite ready, so I used the Unite Pro once again to get a little pre-conference work done over breakfast. With a mimosa, of course. No problems whatsoever and I always had a steady, fast connection.

Over the course of the conference weekend, I popped in and out of the hotel room, connecting to the internet when I needed to, and my roommate, Desiree from So Fawned, used the guest wifi when she needed to. She was grateful, as her international data plan was limited.

One of the other fabulous perks of the Unite Pro was that the device could be used as a battery booster, too, and you can even set the length of the boost as not to completely empty the Unite Pro power.

So, how did I live without this device before? It is exactly what I need for my travels and perfect for those times where a venue wifi just isn’t fast enough for my needs. I am forever changed by this device!

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This post is sponsored by Netgear.

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