Amazon Kindle Review

I’m in love! Yes, it’s true, I have found my perfect partner.

Let me back up….

I am an avid reader – voracious really. I think it stems back to my childhood when my parents would let us stay up for a whole extra half an hour after bedtime, but only if we were reading. I am in two book clubs (one reading Don Quixote), trying very hard to resist a third. In addition to the book clubs, I’m also reading whatever I can get my hands on just for fun. My mom and my aunt come to my house instead of the library, and if they are at an actual library, they will call me for book recommendations.

I think I’ve made my point.


So, when Amazon came out with their Amazon Kindle e-book reading device I jumped for joy! Oh, it looked so cool! I read all the information I could get my hands on, the amazon website, Kindle blogs, news articles and personal testimonials. And one day, out of the blue, I turned in a few thousand of my credit card points in exchange for gift certificates, and clicked the ORDER button.


Even though the website stated that I would not receive my Kindle before February, I was surprised to find it waiting in my mailbox on Christmas Eve. My husband whisked it away from the mailbox and “hid” it in the closet until I could get my hands on it Christmas morning. After the kids opened their stockings, I ripped open the amazon box, carefully opened the Kindle packaging, plugged it in, and ordered my first book before my husband even noticed. I love it!


The screen is what they call Electronic Paper – basically it looks like ink on paper, it is not back lit or an led type screen so it is very easy on your eyes. You can download books without a computer or internet connection at all, they call it Whispernet using cell phone technology to connect to the amazon store. You can change the font sizes, it has a built in dictionary, you can take notes and bookmark a page, it’s light weight, you can subscribe to newspapers and magazines, it will play mp3 files and the price of most books is $9.95.


If you really enjoy reading, the Amazon Kindle may be something for you to fall in love with too. Take a look on>.com, read a little bit, save up your credit card points (or apply for a loan because this thing is $350.00) and get one for yourself.


by Abigail