Amy’s Favorite Things: Part 10

Welcome to another “Amy’s Favorite Things” post!

Today, I’m focusing on some of my favorite travel things. Enjoy.

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Camry Luggage Scale
camry luggage scale.

There is nothing more frustrating than going over the airline checked bag weight limit at the ticket counter. In all honestly, I rarely check a bag, but when I do I always weigh it before leaving for the airport. This Camry Luggage Scale is lightweight, small and easy to pack. I dig it.

mophie juice pack

mophie juice pack.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to invest in a Mophie phone case charger, but I’m glad I finally did. This juice pack keeps my phone charged all day, everyday, which makes travel much more enjoyable, trust me.

apple world travel adapter kit
apple world travel adapter kit.

Before I left for my trip to London, I purchased this Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit to ensure that I could plug in my Apple devices (and more) while in the UK. It worked beautifully.

lewis n. clark deluxe pill organizer

lewis n. clark deluxe pill organizer.

When I traveled to India, I had to pack several medications – enough for a week. I also had to pack all of my belongings, for a week, in a small carry-on roller bag. As you know, pill containers are big and bulky, as well as difficult to organize. Soooooo, I ordered this Lewis N. Clark Pill Organizer and it worked beautifully! You can organize your pills by day, too, which makes it easy to keep track of your daily medications. Lays flat, so takes up little room in baggage.

'explorer' crossbody handbag

‘explorer’ crossbody handbag.

Another smart purchase I made before leaving for London was this Explorer Crossbody Handbag. This bag includes a TON of pockets and zippers, making it perfect for storing a map, snacks, passport and anything else you need for international travel. It is quite narrow, so it would be difficult to place a DSLR in it, but for everything else it’s absolutely perfect.

Stay tuned for Amy’s Favorite Things next week – Part 11! See past posts here.

What are you current favorites?