Amy’s Favorite Things: Part 9

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Votivo Candle
votivo candles.

I have been using Votivo candles for YEARS, but I don’t believe I have ever shared my love for them before on Mom Spark. These higher-end candles last a long time and smell AMAZING. My favorite scent (which is also Oprah’s & Madonna’s) is Red Currant.

shari’s berries.

I haven’t officially announced it yet, but I have recently partnered with Shari’s Berries, so they sent me a selection of cake pops, chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate-dipped Oreos and more for “research”. O.M.G. SO DELICIOUS! I think I’m going to enjoy this partnership very much. 🙂

Ninja Blender

ninja blender.

Since I will be consuming quite a few chocolate-covered berries this Fall season, I need to balance the sweets with some healthy stuff, too. I bought this Ninja Blender a few months back to make smoothies and it is THE BOMB. This blender is the first one that I have ever owned that can easily chop up frozen fruit and NOT GET JAMMED OR STUCK. There is a reason why Ninja gets such great reviews – their blenders rock.

Eyelid Primer

put a lid on it eyelid primer.

I have been on the hunt for a good eyelid primer for weeks. I lost my very favorite, which I received in a beauty box shipment some time ago, and I hadn’t found a proper replacement UNTIL NOW. I bought this “Put a Lid On It” Eyelid Primer on Amazon (of all places) because it had such great reviews and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. It really does do the job by keeping my eyeshadow and eyeliner in place all day. Just put on after foundation, let fully dry, then apply makeup. Love.

free people skirt.

Next month, my husband and I are headed to the Turks and Caicos for a conference at a Beaches resort, soooooo I have been looking for beachy pieces to wear while there. I came across this flowy skirt from Free People, ordered it and really, really liked it. It definitely needs a long tank or slip underneath it, but that isn’t a problem for me. It’s comfy and pretty.

Stay tuned for Amy’s Favorite Things next week – Part 10! See past posts here.

What are you current favorites?