Are You a 2.0 Family?

Are you a 2.0 family?

Does technology play a major role in how you function and communicate? Take the quiz below, giving yourself one point for each yes answer.

1. Have you ever chatted online via Twitter, Facebook etc. with your partner while you were in the same house? Even the same room?

2. When the baby starts to cry do you hand her your iPhone instead of a pacifier?

3. When your kid has a question instead of saying, “I don’t know, ask you father,” you say, “I don’t know. Google it.”

4. Is your idea of a romantic date night the two of you starring lovingly at each other over your laptops at the local coffee house with WIFI?

5. Did you use your laptop keyboard to teach your pre-schooler the ABCs? Or rather the QWERTYs as he calls it.

6. Did learn how to text just so you could actually communicate with your teenager?

7. Is the number of computers in your home equal to or greater than the number of people residing there?

8. When your kid asks to see his baby pictures do you pull out the flash drive instead of the photo album?

9. Would your family starve if it weren’t for sites like Alice, Cozi and AllRecipes?

If you gave yourself 0-3 points:

Your family does things the old-fashioned way. Nothing wrong with that. You’re connected to each other, not the web. But don’t write off the benefits of using technology all together.

If you gave yourself 4-6 points:

Your family knows how to use technology to make life easier, but you have a healthy balance when it comes to the real world vs. the digital world.

If you gave yourself 7-9 points:

You’re the ultimate 2.0 family, and you’re taking on the 21st century world armed with your tech savvy.  Just remember to look up from the screen once in awhile, and have a real conversation.