AT&T & TOMS Present “A Walk in Their Shoes”

I have been a TOMS fan for years. Not only because of their comfortable and indie-vibe shoes, but because they of their program that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. Companies that give back like this will always have my heart, and I witnessed TOMS initiative firsthand when I met a little boy wearing his shoes in Armenia last year.

AT&T & TOMS Present "A Walk in Their Shoes"

Like you, I often wondered about the children who received these free pairs of TOMS shoes. Who were they? What were their stories? How did they get the shoes?

Thanks to AT&T’s network and in honor of TOMS 10 year anniversary, they’re transporting us to Colombia, via VR, that shows a customer during a giving trip in “A Walk in Their Shoes” that dives into the faces behind the free shoes. Check it out below.

AT&T is also one of my favorite brands because, as my phone network provider, they essentially keep me in business. Since I use my smartphone on a daily basis for checking email messages, text messages, and social network updates, I need a reliable network that will work quickly and efficiently.

AT&T & TOMS Present "A Walk in Their Shoes"

AT&T keeps me connected, which allows me to run a successful business from anywhere. Even when I am traveling internationally (I’ve been to India, Armenia, Costa Rica, England, and many more countries), I am plugged in and updated on what is happening in my community and the world. I couldn’t run my biz without a good network, that’s for sure!

Wondering what VR is exactly? VR is an immersive storytelling device that allows AT&T to connect fans with the amazing work that TOMS is doing around the world with the help of AT&T’s network. AT&T is always looking for new ways to tell their story, and with innovative technology available at everyone’s fingertips via their mobile devices, there are some really cool ways to engage and share like never before. For people that don’t have a VR enabled device, 100k pairs of TOMS shoes sold online will include a cardboard viewer! How cool is that?

I hope you’ll watch “A Walk in Their Shoes” on Youtube here. I think you’ll love it just as much as I did. 🙂 More details about this initiative can be found at

This post is sponsored by AT&T and TOMS.