Baby’s First Year, One Second At A Time (Plus More Ways To Capture The First 12 Months)

A clever dad, and photographer, in the UK captured his baby’s first year via video, one second at a time. The results? One of the sweetest seven minute videos you’ll ever watch.

Did you cry a little?? Just me??

Another dad shared his son’s first year in just a minute — an incredible transformation takes place right before our eyes!

If video’s not quite your style, try monthly photos of your wee babes like these creative parents!

The folks at The Letter B Photography shared monthly photos of their super cute twins in front of a chalkboard, with the same lovely chair and blanket each time. What a pair!

baby's first year

This collection of four pics via Erica’s Bloggity Blog cracks me up every single time. What a fun way to show how MUCH baby grows in that first year!

baby's first year

Lastly, I’ve always loved Making It Lovey‘s collection of photos over the first two years for her first child — a tradition she’s kept up with for baby no. 2! Amazing!

baby's first year (3)

For my daughter’s first year, I didn’t set up anything special for showing her growth or how she was changing, but as my blog So Fawned began August 1st, 2008 while I was pregnant and has continued over the last (almost!) five years, I have a really wonderful way of looking back at her growth, milestones, firsts, and more! I wonder what she’ll say when she’s my age and can look back at her life like this. Incredible to think about! 

How did you document your child’s first year?