Backyard Picnic Must-Haves!

The kids have been home for a few weeks, which means you might be on the hunt for ways to keep things interesting and keep them away from the iPad and the television. We’re all pretty gung-ho about summertime, until our creative streak starts to tire — hey, it happens to the best of us! Today, in the spirit of keeping our kids happy and healthy this summer, I’m going to share some ideas to help you plan a backyard picnic that’ll be fun for kids, easy for mom, and simple to repeat over and over again! Whether your kids are 5 or 15, having a picnic in the backyard is just FUN — an excuse to eat, play, and relax together!

Here are a few ideas for planning your own summertime backyard picnic!

backyard picnic must-haves

Backyard Picnic Must-Haves!

Picnic Blanket

You can haul out any old blanket from your linen cupboard — obviously something you don’t mind getting dirty — or you can use one of those handy picnic blankets that are a comfortable fabric on the top with a waterproof material on the bottom so you’re not getting wet on the dewy grass. Feel free to bring outdoor cushions from your patio furniture down onto your picnic blanket to make things extra cozy!

Picnic Basket

I’m going to be honest here, my favorite picnic “basket” is actually a picnic cooler. There are lots of stylish coolers out there that’ll keep your food and especially your drinks nice and chilled, without resorting to a big tub of plastic, but for a little backyard fun, your standard Coleman cooler will do just fine! You can also fill a metal bucket with ice and lay your drink inside to keep them cool and refreshing.

Mason Jars w/ Lids

I love bringing out the Mason jars (and their lids!) for our backyard picnics. Whether we’re drinking water or juice, we can easily pop a lid on between sips to keep bugs out and to prevent spills on our picnic blanket! You can also fit a Cuppow lid to your Mason jars to give them a handy sipping spout!

A Pretty Tray

Since your picnic blanket and lawn aren’t the most sturdy surfaces, you might like to bring a plastic tray to your picnic so you have a place to set your drinks or plates as you enjoy your al fresco experience. We love these trays from IKEA!

Picnic Recipes

There’s no end to the tasty recipes you can bring along on your backyard picnic! Since you won’t be too far from your kitchen, you can prep food inside, or you can light up the BBQ and enjoy chicken and corn or kabobs! Cut up some veggies and fruit with hummus and yogurt dip for kids to munch when they’ve worked up an appetite from running through the sprinkler or swinging on the swingset!

Napkins, Dishes, Cutlery

It doesn’t have to be pricy or a pain to make your picnic look as good as it tastes! Search your local dollar shops or Target for deals on cute plastic plates, colorful paper napkins, and picnic-friendly cutlery. You can go the disposable route if you’d like to save on dishwashing, or just bring your cutlery out from the kitchen. Either way — go for bright, colourful items that won’t get lost in the grass!


If mama wants to bring a little coffee or tea to the picnic, grab a Thermos and fill it up inside! Then slap a cozy on your Mason jar (they can get pretty hot on the hands) and enjoy! Once everyone has eaten their fill, let the kids explore and play in your backyard while you sip your brew and relax with a good book — or a trashy magazine. It’s all about fun, remember that!

Wishing you all a fantastic summer packet with plenty of picnics, time to play with the kids, and lots of relaxation! Enjoy!