Beaute de Maman Product Review

Almost everyone knows by now that I’m on baby #3… and with each kiddo…I’ve been seriously mislead by the fact that I survive my entire pregnancy with no stretch marks… until about week 37.  Then they start showing up on the hour, every hour.  Have I mentioned that I’m 37 weeks now?   Like clock work, my stretch marks are starting to show their true colors.

A couple of weeks ago Amy at MomSpark offered me the opportunity to review an anti-stretch mark cream from a new product line called Beaute de Maman.  Even though I am nearly done with my pregnancy…I was intrigued and said yes.  Beaute de Maman is a line of personal care products specifically designed for maternal use…and developed by an obstetrician.  They are all natural products derived of plants.  There are NO benzophenones, formaldehyde, parabens or sulfites.  These are vegan products…no animal derived ingredients and there is no animal testing of the products.

I’ve heard lots of hype about lots of “anti- stretch mark” creams…and I’ve read that there is NOTHING you can do to keep these little suckers at bay.  Creams on the market do nothing but give extra hydration to your skin…which is nice…but won’t win out over hereditary.  The difference between those creams and this one is that the herbal and botanical ingredients in Beaute de Maman have been shown to actually increase collagen and elastin in your skin.  By actually increasing these proteins in  your skin you reduce the chance of stretch marks…which are caused by the proteins breaking down with the rapid expansion of your skin during pregnancy.

So how does it work?  I’m afraid perhaps I’ve started it a bit too late…but I’m sticking to it! I began using it at 35 weeks and I’m unsure of the length of time it needs to work properly.  I do know that I love the way this cream feels when I put it on.  My skin has been itchy with all of this stretching…the Beaute de Maman creme is soft and silky…not greasy at all and best of all…odorless! When I put it on at night I can feel my skin is much, much softer and not at all itchy….all the way through the next day.  I really truly enjoy that fact.

All in all…I wish I had known about this sooner.  I would have liked to give it a true testing through my entire pregnancy.  Developed by an obstetrician and derived of natural ingredients…both really big sticking points with me.

Beaute de Maman is more than just stretch mark cream though…check out their website for facial scrubs designed to combat the hormonal changes that affect your skin during pregnancy, anti-acne face creme and a nipple gel that looks like an amazing alternative to lanolin based ointments that are out on the market.  I can’t wait to try that out for myself once this little boy arrives.  The nipple gel is a castor oil based product rather than lanolin…it is colorless, odorless and not greasy.  It won’t stain your clothes!