6 Beautiful Tea Kettles For Fall

If you’ve ever met me, you can probably tell within out 20 seconds that I’m a tea-lover, based on the fact that I have a stack of teacups tattooed on my left arm. Oh yes, you know you’re a tea addict when… 😉 I’ve loved tea since I was a little girl and my mom would brew me a mug of peppermint or chamomile before bedtime.

During the fall and winter especially, I can usually be found with a mug of tea warming my hands and my soul — Earl Grey, Pumpkin Chai, English Breakfast, Lemon Zinger, you name it, I love it.

To brew the perfect pot of tea, you need to start with a beautiful kettle. I think it’s something about the ritual of brewing tea that I love so much and it all begins with a kettle that makes your kitchen just that much more lovely. If you’re in the market for a gorgeous new kettle, or you’d like to start dropping hints for a holiday gift, take a peek at the beauties I’ve picked out below!

Beautiful Tea Kettles For Fall

This kettle is something else. I love the futuristic design with the wooden handle. Very cool. This would be such a neat addition to any kitchen — hello, conversation piece. (via Nambé)

Red, speckled, and so much fun. I adore the simple style of this colourful kettle. The black handle and basic design reminds me of the kettles we had when I was a kid. (via Paula Deen)

I feel like I can see this kettle sitting on an old cast iron stove in a beautiful country kitchen. Copper makes for such a wonderful kettle — you’ve got to keep in mind all of its fantastic heat conducting abilities! (via Old Dutch)

If colour is your thing, how about this pop of blue? My mother always had blue kitchens when I was growing up, so I think I always associate blue with being a very kitchen-y colour. (via Minuteman)

Isn’t the hammered style of the kettle beautiful? This makes me think of a kitchen gorgeous enough to be on the Food Network. Shiny, bright, and ready to help you make the best cup of tea in the world. (via Old Dutch)

Cork is one of my favourite materials, no matter how it’s being used. I love how they’ve integrated it into the design as the heat barrier on the handle of this stylish kettle. The brushed metal styling makes this a perfect fit for just about any home decor style. (via OXO)