Bella Sara Trading Cards: A Review

logo-bellasaraAbout a week my oldest daughter was itching to open a package that had arrived that day, so I said “Yes.” I wasn’t looking at her when she opened it, so when she let out a squeal of delight I spun around. I saw her holding several shiny packs of Bella Sara trading cards — and grinning!
The packs featured the Treasures and the Miniatures collections of Bella Sara Horses. The Treasures pack consisted of 5 horse/treasure cards, 1 sticker card, 1 random tattoo card, and 1 Treasures checklist. The Miniatures pack contained one horse and stand, one checklist of horses in the collection, and one bonus code. The horse-themed fantasy cards feature positive, inspirational messages.
The bonus code from the Miniatures pack can be used to activate an animated horse for your cottage in the online world of Bella_Sara — a safe, fun-filled virtual world for girls. The cards in the Treasures packs also feature bonus codes for the virtual world of Bella Sara. Girls can also find printable coloring sheets, jigsaw puzzles, and posters online.
Without prompting my daughter decided to share with her younger sister. It is always so touching when my children decide to share without prompting. I told both girls to open the packs quietly as my 5-year-old son would be upset to not have a pack of his own to open. Don’t worry I found a little something for him to open.

Both girls loved the velvety soft touch of the horses. Spring Break is coming and I am sure both will have fun playing Bella_Sara online!