BIG HERO 6 Director & Producer Interview (and Drawing Demo!)

Disclosure: Disney sponsored travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles. Thoughts are my own. 

At this point, you have (hopefully) read about my BIG HERO 6 red carpet premiere experience, movie review and Disney Movies Anywhere news, and today I am sharing interviews with Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams BIG HERO 6, as well as a fun drawing demonstration from Jin Kim, the Character Design Supervisor.



So, what attracted you to the story of Big Hero 6, being that it’s sort of a small-publishing in the comic book world?  

DON: “That certainly helped. What originally attracted me to BIG HERO 6 was just the title. It just sounded interesting. And then I researched it a little bit more. I saw the Japanese superhero theme, thought that was super cool, and then read the books and I was really struck by the characters.”

“They were fun and appealing characters. They had goofy names, like Honey Lemon, and you could tell that the creators loved Japanese pop culture, and that’s why they did the book.  They wanted to take their love of anime and all things Japanese, and infuse that with a Marvel-type superhero story.”

What was the biggest change from the initial script to the final cut of the movie?

DON: “One thing that comes to mind is that Baymax became more central. He became a real interesting character in uniting the ‘boy and his robot’ story and the superhero origin story.”


I just want to ask who your favorite character is in the movie, and why, the both of you?

CHRIS: “We should probably disqualify Baymax. That’s too easy! I guess I identify a lot with Fred. He’s really a dork and a geek and all just, you know, into monster movies and sci-fi. There’s moments for Fred, during the superhero shenanigans part of it, that I had when I was a kid and we played superhero, and I had the trash can lid for a Captain America shield.”

I think the scenery is really exciting, mesmerizing, and there is so much to see in it.  So, how did you go about researching what the actual backgrounds would be and how much attention you wanted to draw to it?  

CHRIS: “We put a stake in the ground very early on, saying we’re going to push the lighting. It has a very cinematic look and that was by design. So, we had some rules that governed our art direction, which were simple characters on a complex background. There is more detail in this movie than, I think, in the last three movies.  So, again, that’s a credit to our production designer, Paul Felix.  And our art director of environment, Scott Watanabe, who really shared the burden of how is this.”

BIG HERO 6 Director & Producer Interview (and Drawing Demo!)


Let me preface by saying that I cannot draw. As in, CANNOT, AT ALL, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, DRAW. So, needless to say, these drawing sessions are quite comical to me (and the instructor, I’m sure).

BIG HERO 6 Director & Producer Interview (and Drawing Demo!)

Our assignment was to sketch Baymax, which you would think, “Well, that can’t be too difficult, he’s basically round”, but that wasn’t the case at all. His design is quite complicated. For me, at least.

Of course, Jin Kim made each step look SO EASY. As if he has been working for Disney for the last 19 years (which he has) and as much as I tried my very best (even turning my paper over and restarting), it was sad to say the least. Such a sad, lifeless Baymax. It gave me a good laugh, at least, which is what Baymax would want for my emotional state, after all.

I tried, guys. #keepingmydayjob #BigHero6Event #BigHero6

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BIG HERO 6 is now open in theaters, so please make sure you check it out! In the meantime, please enjoy the BIG HERO 6 trailer below and stay tuned for more interviews and information from my press trip in the coming days.

Disclosure: Disney sponsored travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles. Thoughts are my own.