BLOGGING 101: How to Create a Gravatar

I thought I would go easy on you today by sharing a quick and easy tip.  Gravatars.  Ever heard of them?  Chances are you’ve seen them before, but didn’t know what they were called.

Gravatar = Globally Recognized Avatars

Here is a visual:

Gravatars are little images of you that appear in comments.

That is my Gravatar above.  Like it?  If I didn’t have a Gravatar, I would see a default image instead:

If you don’t have your own Gravatar, the default image will appear.

Mom Spark is set to the WordPress “monster” default gravatar, so if you don’t possess a custom Gravatar, this is what you’ll get when leaving a comment.  Do you want the world to see you as a monster or a human?

Getting a custom Gravatar is easy.  Here are the steps:

1. visit

2. click “Get your Gravatar today”

3. enter your email address so Gravatar can verify your account

4. check your email for the Gravatar message and click on link inside

5. create your username and password, then click “signup”

6. you can add more email addresses to link a Gravatar, but let’s do this later

7. to add a photo, click “Add one by clicking here”

8. select where your image is – it’s most likely on your “computer hard drive”

9. browse for the image of choice, then click “next”

Don’t know what image to choose?  I recommend a nice pic of yourself or your website logo.

10. crop your photo, if needed, and then click “Crop and Finish!”

11. click what your Gravatar is rated, following the legend provided

12.  you did it!

13. leave a comment so we can see your new Gravatar! (it may not appear right away, that’s okay!)

If you comment using several email addresses, you may want to add them all at this point and decide what image you would like to use for each.  You can also use blog plugins to set up your Gravatar, learn more HERE.

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