Book Review: The No Cry Nap Solution

What is one of the number one things most new parents get asked?

Are you getting any sleep?

The answer is always no. I’m not sure why people keep asking.

I’ve read almost every child sleep book in print (It was a challenge to get my son to sleep through the night) so when I had to chance to read Elizabeth Pantley’s “The No-Cry Nap Solution,” the follow up to her “The No Cry Sleep Solution”, I was interested to read her thoughts on successful napping techniques.

If you are pregnant with your first child, or have a newborn, I highly recommend this book. Pantley lays out step-by-step techniques to help your child be a better napper and get the sleep they desperately need for their brain development. If you are having a specific problem (“My baby will only sleep in the car!” “My baby sleeps for thirty minutes and then wakes up!”) there is a huge section of information tailored to what your baby’s specific needs are.

One thing I appreciate about Pantley’s method is the “No Cry” part. Pantley does not advocate babies crying for hours until they fall asleep. Her approach is easy on both baby and parents. Just like anything else with baby, you must be committed to it. If you are serious about making your baby a better napper, you cannot take this approach lightly. You must make the commitment to be on a schedule, and be consistent everyday!

If you have a toddler who is struggling though nap time and you need some pointers, this is not the book for you. It talks mainly about newborns and young babies. I was a little disappointed by this because my toddler is struggling with naps right now. I would also not recommend this book to veteran moms because many things Pantley points out, moms have already learned, the hard way.

Overall, I like Pantley’s concepts about sleeping. I think she combines both a loving and consistent approach to both nap and night sleep. Sleep is very important for little babies and if you need help with yours or you are pregnant and dreading the lack of sleep, get this book to help you out.

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