Brilliant Family Activities for a Road Trip

As I have shared, my family and I love a good old-fashioned road trip. We load the car up with lots of delicious snacks, comfy pillows, and hit the road!

Brilliant Family Activities for a Road Trip

Of course, spending time in the car can get a bit monotonous, so it’s good to have a few activities planned to keep the family entertained. That is exactly what I’ll be sharing today. 🙂

Brilliant Family Activities for a Road Trip

Brilliant Family Activities for a Road Trip

Create a “mix tape” for a family sing-along! My kids think it’s hilarious when we sing our hearts out in the car! Download family favs and silly movie soundtracks or whatever your family loves best!

Grab a map and find cool places to stop along the way! Roadside attractions are the most memorable part of a road trip and they’re great spots to snap fun photos!

Car games like Car Bingo (find free printables online — just search on Pinterest!), magnetic travel games, or craft supplies make the time fly by. A plastic bag filled with paper, stickers, and pencil crayons goes a long way when you’re on the road. Encourage kids to draw what they see out the window — farm animals, road signs, mountains, you name it!

Have your kids name the gas stations and coffee shops from the signs along the way! They can practice their reading skills and you’ll always know where the closest spot to fill up or take a bathroom break!

Brilliant Family Activities for a Road Trip

A road trip isn’t complete without snacks. Next road trip post, I’ll be sharing our family’s favorite snack ideas, which always include Frigo ® Cheese Heads ® string cheese.

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