Check Out This Fabulous Home Makeover!

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You may remember that last summer we spent a lot of time redoing our backyard patio. We wanted to create an outdoor family area that would really allow us to spend time together. Ever since then I’ve been a little obsessed with home makeover projects. I love seeing how other people personalize their homes. I mean, I love my deck, but it probably wouldn’t be the right fit for a couple without kids. I think it’s interesting to think about how different families or people use the same space. I also get a kick out of before and after pictures. I know how much hard work goes into a room makeover, but when I look at the pictures it seems almost like magic.

Check out these before and after photos of this living room, in collaboration with The Home Depot and Kerrie Kelly!

Check Out This Fabulous Home Makeover!

Gorgeous right?

They come from a new series “From Prefab to Fabulous: Personalizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style.” Designer Kerrie Kelly updates three rooms in model homes to show how you can bring your own style to any room. As Kelly says, “Whether it’s a sophisticated master suite, a coastal-inspired living room, or a modern and masculine home office, the space you create should be welcoming, soothing and beautiful.” I completely agree.

Check Out This Fabulous Home Makeover!

Check out this video of the bedroom project: 

I love her suggestions on how to personalize a black and white space. It could seem really stark, but she makes it personal and warm.

Check Out This Fabulous Home Makeover!

There are two other videos, one for a living room and one for a home office. You can see the entire project and get some great DIY advice here.

If you could have a makeover on any room in your house, what would it be? Spill your pain in the comments!