Cherry Cobbler + Breyers Ice Cream = The Ultimate Sundae

What is your favorite ice cream sundae?  I can pretty much eat anything that involves ice cream and there are so many ways you can make a sundae, how can you choose just one favorite?

Breyers sent my family a coupon for a free carton of ice cream and a sundae making kit to make our own creation.  I had just made an easy cherry cobbler the day before, so I thought to myself, “Hmmmmm….”

I scooped out a nice portion of cherry cobbler.

Then, I grabbed my trusty Breyers Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream…

…….and my awesome Breyers ice cream scooper….

…….and added the perfect scoop of ice cream.

Add a few cherries on top and you have the perfect sundae.  Mmmmmm……

Perfection! Thank you, Breyers for inspiring us to make a yummy treat.

I was given a free carton of Breyers ice cream and a sundae making kit that included bowls, spoons, toppings and insulated bag.