Christmas Tree Decorating And Care Tips

So, when do you put up a Christmas tree each year? Is it right after Thanksgiving? A little before Thanksgiving? How about the week before Christmas? No matter when you choose to set up that gorgeous tree, there is no doubt that it is a special moment.


As far as decorating goes, there is really no right or wrong way to do it, but some basic methods do help the process go a bit more smoothly. I have put together a few helpful ideas for you today!


I know, I know. This can be most frustrating step, especially if that long cord of stringed lights is extremely tangled and there is that ONE BULB THAT IS OUT, but trust me, once you get the lights squared away, you’ll be glad that you did this first. Think of your tree decorating as a cake – you assemble it in layers.


After hanging the lights, move on to any garland, stringed beads or homemade popcorn and cranberry decor you have next. Keep in mind the length of the garland may be too short or long for heavy layers, but try your best to cover from top to bottom in a spiral direction.

Christmas Tree - Lumix Expressive


This is the best part – hanging the ornaments! The kids can easily help with this one, but if you are a particular decorator (like myself), tackle the top section of the tree where the kids cannot reach. Check for “holes” or empty spots to make sure your tree looks full and pretty to the eye.



If your tree is a live one, make sure that you keep it hydrated to reduce needle drop by providing water and Miracle-Gro for Christmas Trees. One capful of Miracle-Gro for Christmas Trees for every quart of water you add throughout the holiday season is all you need to keep a beautiful tree! Check your water levels often, especially right after setting your live tree up, and see that the bottom 2” of the trunk is always immersed in water.

So, what are your Christmas tree decorating and care tips? Share in our comments below! Also feel free to share a pic of your tree, too!

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