6 Beach Day Must-Haves

Some of my favourite childhood memories involve days at the Lakefield Beach (about 1/2 hour from my home town) with my mom and friends. There was a u-shaped dock we could walk out on and practice diving, plus a park, and lots of sand, and an island I could swim out to when I was older. So many gorgeous days spent on those shores!

Planning a day at the beach this summer? Here are a few things I always like to bring along!

Cool Finds: 6 Beach Day Must-Haves

Six Must-Haves For Your Day At The Beach!

  1. Sunscreen! This goes without saying, right? And if you’re looking for an easy to apply method for kids (without the harsh chemicals of some drug store brands) try the Badger face stick. One of these lives in my purse all summer long! Yes, I use it too!
  2. Speaking of sun protection, be sure to toss in some stylish sunglasses — not the $300 designer pair, but that pair you love, and wouldn’t shed any tears over should it get stepped on or buried in a sand castle.
  3. This bag is actually the prettiest cooler I’ve ever seen. Hello, function and fashion. Keep lunch and refreshments chilled til it’s time to dig in!
  4. A water-resistant beach blanket is great for soaking up some rays and chilling out while the kiddos play in the sand.
  5. The Puddle Jumper has been a breakthrough in my daughter’s love for swimming. Keeps kiddos in a better swimming position than a life jacket or just water wings! We LOVE ours! Great for kids weighing 30 to 50 pounds.
  6. And of course, you’ve got to bring along some beach toys! I think these biodegradable building toys by Zoë b Organic are about as funky as you can get!

Bonus Tips

  • Pack ziplock bags in a few sizes for your cellphone and camera, and for wet clothes and bathing suits
  • Be sure to bring as many toy shovels as there are children — all’s fair in love and sand castle building!
  • Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen after a dip in the water! Even on a cloudy day, that sun can give a nasty burn
  • Stay hydrated and encourage kids to have a few sips every 1/2 hour or so
  • Bring a beach umbrella for extra shade and a cozy nook for book-reading, or if a little needs a nap!
  • Talk to your kiddos about the lifeguards (if at a public, supervised beach) and who to find if they get lost or need help

A day at the beach is a great way to make lasting summer memories! Hope yours is a blast!

What are your beach day must-haves?

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