Chevron Fashion Jewelry and Decor Love!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the chevron trend when it first picked up, but I’ll admit I’ve fallen for them in time (just like that time I gave in to jeggings). Honestly, I have no idea why I resisted it at first. My neighbour is actually the source of my chevron conversion… after many a blog post about the trend, I’m hooked and now I want to share a few of my favourite chevron sightings with you.


wooden chevron pendant necklace jewelry01. Gorgeous wooden chevron necklace.

chevron painted tray02. How much do I want to be served breakfast in bed on this?

chevron painted fan blades03. Love this DIY!

chevron quilt04. Chevron quilt!

cute chevron wooden pendants05. More cute chevron jewelry.

Have you been charmed by chevrons?