Cool Finds: Easter Morning Egg Cups

I have a very distinct memory of the way my mother would put an egg in my special little egg cup, every Easter morning, and she’d cracked it just perfectly around the top so that I could still it my breakfast out of its fragile shell. Something about this tradition has always stuck with me. Over the years I’ve thought about collecting egg cups — every time I spot a really sweet one at a vintage shop — so today I wanted to share a few that would definitely make the shelf!

Easter Morning Egg Cups

Vintage cuties from the 1980s via Antiquissimo.

Easter Morning Egg Cups

Hand-painted wooden cups via Tuwhittuwhoo.

Easter Morning Egg Cups

Have breakfast gazing at the London skyline with these fun cup via Cecily Vessey.

Easter Morning Egg Cups

This heart-shaped wooden egg cup, from Wooden Toy Gallery, doubles as a tea light holder when you’re finished with your snack!

Perhaps my daughter might start collecting them on my behalf!

Do you have any special Easter morning breakfast traditions? We’d love to hear them!


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