Unique French Press Covers

Earlier this month I did a post on How To Brew French Press Coffee, and in that post I mention pouring my coffee into a carafe when it was ready, to keep it nice and hot til my second (third, fourth & fifth) cup. However, sometimes it’s less practical to use my carafe, and instead I like to use one of my tea cozies instead. This however, is a bit problematic since my teapots aren’t the same size as my beloved Bodum. Perhaps I ought to invest in (or make!) a cute little French press cozy! Maybe something like one of these:

French Press Cozy

1. A wonderful little DIY from Tiny Happy, 2. Wool cozy from Just in Case, 3. Autumn inspired cozy from Lupin, 4. Lovely knit cozy from Shop of Wonder, 5. This anatomic heart cozy from Fly Times reminds me of an old roommate who always had some article of clothing or a patch with this image on it, & 6. A cute and almost Christmassy cozy from Leila Badblood.

How do you keep your coffee piping hot in the morning, mamas?