Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

In the Fall, my daughter will start school & with that will come an addition to mama’s nighttime/morning routine: The Making of the Lunch! I already know I want to stay away from as much packaging as possible, so I’m brainstorming fun and EASY way to keep her lunch packed up and appetizing until it’s time to munch!

Here are a few ideas I’d like to try!

Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

Boon keeps things simple… and that’s why we love them! Check out their MUNCH container!

Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

Mew! What a cute way to start your meal! I found this adorable lunch bag via Little Lark.

Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

Just for a giggle! Just looking at that sandwich is enough to put me off my lunch! Pick them up at the. and pop them into your kid’s lunch! Will they be grossed out… or fascinated??

Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

Stainless steel and stackable! I love anything that takes up less space in my kitchen cupboards! Lots of colours available via Kids Konserve.

Cool Finds: Fun Snack Packs For Kids!

I love the idea of reusable sandwich bags! These have a washable PUL lining so they can be tossed in the laundry, or just wiped out if the mess isn’t too sticky! Visit Green Leaf Baby for more.

How do you pack your kiddos lunch? Do you pack at night or in the morning? What age did they start packing their OWN lunch?

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