Gift Ideas For New Moms

This little gift guide might also be titled “Things I Actually Needed During That First Year Of Motherhood”!

It’s tough to be an expectant first time mama! There are so many products out there for you to wade through and piles of information… it’s downright intimidating. This list is a collection of items that I would love to pass on to another mama-to-be — things that made my first year run (as) smoothly (as possible). Things I couldn’t imagine living without a 2nd time around!

From slings to playthings, here are my holiday gift ideas for the soon-to-be mamas!

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

01. A gorgeous sling or wrap. Especially from BabyEtte! These slings are not only super useful & easy to maneuver, they are downright beautiful! Works of art & sewn with love. You can do everything with your baby in one of these slings — keep them cozy & close, breastfeed, accomplish tasks requiring more than one hand, you name it! I can’t get enough of our BabyEtte sling (which we’re still rockin’ at 22-months and beyond!)

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

02. A bouncy chair. Some are super stylish, like this one from BABYBJÖRN, and some are quite inexpensive, yet incredibly effective, like this one from Bright Starts which my baby couldn’t get enough of! Wee babes adore the soothing vibrations from these bouncers and they are perfect for calming crabby babes when your arms just need a little break. I used to pull ours into the bathroom so that I could hop in the shower while Gretchen bounced along happily. It was wonderful! She’d also sit in her bouncer while I made dinner, and sometimes she’d even fall asleep there. Pure bliss!

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

03. A sound machine. Such as the adorable Sleep Sheep. Some babes can sleep through monster truck rallies, mine wakes at the drop of a feather. Despite my efforts and helping her to sleep through noise, the only way to drown it all out was to use some good old white noise. (Note: We STILL use our Sleep Sheep every single night!)

04. A DVD collection of her favourite show. During those first few months of my daughter’s life, we spent a LOT of time in bed, mastering the art of breastfeeding and really just getting to know one another. During this time I also watched a lot of TV (re: Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City & Friends!) on my little laptop that stayed in bed with us. It was a wonderful treat to catch up on some great shows and snuggle my babe 24/7! What a delight! So, whether your new mama friend is into LOST or Reba, give them the gift of entertainment while they are enjoying their babymoon!

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

05. A soft structured carrier. When my daughter was around 7-months, I bought an Ergo and I fell in love. Wearing little ones in a carrier like this feels effortless. The Ergo can be worn on your front or back, they are really attractive (with many different fabric/pattern choices) and they are so comfortable — for mama AND babe! A definitely must have for any on-the-go mama.

06. Simple onesies. My favourites are from Carter’s because they are rather long & so is my little one! I also found they hold up really well under the pressure of weird baby stains and consistent washing. They also fit nicely over cloth diapers.

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

07. A pocket bib. These bibs from Bumpkins are nothing but genius! They are soft and flexible, and they catch every little bit that doesn’t make it into their mouth (which is often NOT such a little bit). A friend brought me one of these after I’d tired about ten other (miserable) bibs and I’ve never looked back! (They are also cheap — bonus!)

08. Some delicious tea. It is my belief that a cup of tea is like a gift to your soul, which is especially helpful during those first stressful moments of motherhood. So, whether it’s Mother’s Milk tea for some breastfeeding assistance, red raspberry leaf to help with the healing process or camomile to aid in relaxation — a little cup of tea goes a long, long way.

09. A doula. Whether it’s a labour doula or a postpartum doula, give your expectant friend the gift of help & support! There’s nothing more wonderful than someone fully dedicated to you during your labour and postpartum experiences, especially if family members may have work obligations or other things keeping them from staying by you 100% of the time. A gift certificate for doula services might just be the perfect present.

I hope this gives you some good ideas for those new mamas on your holiday list!

What was the no. 1 item you couldn’t have lived without during your first foray into parenthood?