Unique Toasters for Home

I am a terrible klutz. I probably break something or injure myself every single day… it’s a bit of a running joke between friends now. A while back, the THING I broke one morning was the toaster. It works, but I have to pinch my finger on the shattered button to push my toast down each morning and Gretchen tell me, “Mama, it just won’t work!” So, it would seem as though it’s time for a new one? I’m just so stubborn… now I want to hold out for the neatest toaster I can find!

Go big or go home, right?

Here are just a few that might be in the running for toaster du jour, at the House of Fawn:

retro yellow toaster

I’m a bit obsessed with this yellow number. How’s THAT for a bright & sunshiny morning??

space age toaster

How cool is this space age toaster? A definite straying from tradition!

modern toaster

Technology is winning in the kitchen!

space saving toaster

Such a neato space saving idea!

star wars darth vader toaster

To my geek brethren… who’s getting me this Darth Vader toaster for Christmas??

vintage pink toaster

When in doubt… think pink!

Toast is a staple breakfast for us. My daughter wants it with peanut butter, but I just like a tasty loaf from the market, loaded up with butter! How about you? Are you a toasty mama?