Vintage Dollhouses

A couple years ago, I nearly shrieked (ok, maybe I did just a little) when I spotted THIS in one of my favourite thrift shops, during a road trip outside town.

vintage dollhouse thrift store shop

It was hanging out in the back of the shop & I knew immediately I had to have it. I rushed to find a price… and it was $10. TEN. *insert shriek no. 2*

Into the back of the care it went!

I love how wonderfully made and loved it is. So many fun rooms inside, some decorated, some plain. So much room for exploration, creativity and imagination.

vintage dollhouse thrift store shop

vintage dollhouse thrift store shop

Daily play with this one. We have it set up in the living room, usually open, sometimes closed up, but always readily available for a little make-believe. For Christmas I gifted her some of the Callico Critters sets & dolls — another favourite. Gretchen LOVES all the tiny, tiny pieces for decorating the rooms. And with her birthday coming up, I have a good idea of what she’d like!

This dollhouse is by far my favourite toy of her for the unlimited possibilities. Just wonderful.

Have you brought any vintage-style toys into your home? Are you little one’s playing with another handed down from your OWN childhood? Or a grandparent’s?