The California Raisins Have Been Nominated!


Remember the California Raisins?  I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid who collected the California Raisin figurines, or watched them dance on the television screen to “I Heard it From the Grapevine”.  The groovy, sunglass-wearing California Raisins have been nominated for Advertising Week’s prestigious Icon Walk of Fame.  Winners of Advertising Week’s Walk of Fame will have their names immortalized on plaques on Madison Avenue between 40th & 50th in New York City. That’s why we’re reaching out to fellow California Raisin fans to help the beloved 80’s icon secure its place in advertising history.

Voting closes on September 18, so head on over to Icon Walk of Fame right now and cast your vote for the California Raisin icon.  All the cool raisins, and humans, are doing it.