DIY Holiday Pennant Flags

What is it about the holidays that gets me in such a crafty mood? I just love to cover my dining room table with wrapping paper, glitter, twine and more, then start creating. The kids think it’s pretty cool, too!

For this holiday season, I wanted to create something that could have several uses and could also make a neat gift for my loved ones. The result? DIY Holiday Pennant Flags!

DIY Holiday Pennant Flags

These holiday pennant flags can be used for garland around a Christmas tree, hung right on the mantel or even used on a wrapped present! You can also add photos ordered from Photo by Walgreens to make it even more special!

What You’ll Need

  • your favorite gift wrapping paper or scrapbook paper (I selected 3 different papers)
  • 5×7 photo prints
  • gift wrapping cord, string or twine
  • glue stick
  • X-acto knife
  • cutting mat
  • ruler

How to Make It

  1. Make a template that is 8.5″ by 11″ (the same size as traditional printer paper) to use for cutting the wrapping paper into sections. I used a card stock paper as my template so that it would stay in place as I cut each piece. Each section creates 2 full pennant flags, so use your best judgement on the number of sections to cut depending on the length you want your string.
  2. Once you have cut all of your sections, fold each piece in half by holding the section vertically and folding from top to bottom. After folding, use a ruler to measure 2 equal triangles, then cut with the X-acto knife (make sure you are using a cutting mat as not to damage your table.) You will be left with one full pennant flag and two loose pieces that you can glue together at the top (widest part of flag.) Add photo prints to the pennant flags (as many as you see fit), using leftover paper and glue stick to create a border around the photos.
  3. Take the cord/twine and start stringing your pennant flags by simply placing each flag over the string, then gluing the bottom of each flag, so that the flags can slide freely over the string.
  4. You’re done!

DIY Holiday Pennant Flags

There are so many things you could add to this project, too, like glitter, ribbon, stickers, stamps…the possibilities are endless!