DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

My boys dubbed these Pillow Beds because my kids are extra creative when naming things!

This Tutorial is really a twofer- Pillow Bed and Applique.

I made both of these pillow beds and took photos while doing it in under 45 minutes.

So easy.

What you need:

  • Heat N Bond – get the lite kind
  • Cotton fabric for monogram
  • sewing machine & thread.
  • 4 pillows. I bought two packs of two on sale at IKEA for under $5.
  • 4 pillows. I bought 4 of these pillows from IKEA for $.99 They are the quality you would expect for that price tag but for the purpose of this project, they will do.

First, monogram the pillow.

This seems more difficult than it is. Don’t be intimidated.

Print out or write your letter/shape onto paper and cut it out. The simpler and bigger the easier.

Iron on Heat N Bond to back side of cotton.

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

*Follow the directions on Heat N Bond packaging for exact instructions.

trace your cut out onto the Heat N Bond wrong side facing up. *Your letter should be reversed.*

Cut out letter.

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

Peel off backing

Place where ever you want it.

Iron into place. Again, following package instructions.

Now, according to instructions you can be done. I don’t trust that though. I like to be able to wash my kids stuff in hot water if needed (kids are gross and germy) and I have found that with out stitching the Heat N Bond will start to “unbond” after a few washes.

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

Zig-Zag stitch around the outside of the letter being careful not to sew the pillow closed.

Now your Monogram pillow is done!

Next sew your pillow cases together right sides together. Take care to backstitch at the begining and end of the pillow case. I used about 1/2in seam allowance

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

Do this 3 times.

Now stuff the pillow cases with pillows and you are done!

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

I chose to put the monogrammed pillow case on the second pillow because then the kids could flip the top pillow underneath the monogrammed pillow for extra cushion and still have the monogram showing.My boys are 5 and 3 (almost 4) and the length of three pillow cases fits perfect.

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

The great thing about these is you can take the pillows out and wash them. They are portable and great to travel with because when you remove the pillows they fold up small (this only works if the house you are visiting has an extra 4 -or in our case 8 – pillows lying around.) AND you can always add another pillow case as your kid grows!

These would make great fast & cheap gifts. I plan on making one for my nephew who is coming to visit. He will be able to bunk out in my boys’ room on his own special bed.

My oldest says they are perfect for practicing somersaults!

DIY: Pillow Bed with Monogram

Enjoy. I know my boys have had a blast with them!