Do you Cozi?


Do you Cozi?  I do and that is why I’m so uber organized.  For those of you who don’t know already, Cozi is a FREE web service that helps you, and your family, keep track of work schedules, grocery lists, household chores, to-do lists, and much, much more.  You can access Cozi right from your desktop computer, or on-the-go from your mobile phone.  You can create customized lists for just about anything, keep a family calendar, schedule reminders and messages, as well as record family events in a journal and photo collage. With everything we (parents) have to remember and do each day, organization is crucial, and Cozi helps us keep it together.


I first learned about Cozi shortly before my BlogHer trip, and I was also fortunate enough to win one of their sponsorship contests. When I returned from the conference, I went to work on getting my Cozi account set up and running, and have been a believer ever since.  I especially love the reminder feature, which sends me a text message when I have an upcoming event.  You can also set reminders to go straight to your email, and/or another family member’s email.  My other favorite feature on Cozi is the grocery shopping list, which keeps track of what each family member has or has not purchased.  No more buying too many gallons of milk!


As I mentioned before, signing up on Cozi is VERY simple.  The website is easy to navigate and streamlined, which goes hand in hand with the Cozi “Living Simply” theme.  They always seem to be hard at work on improving the Cozi experience, and even have a $100 back to school shopping spree giveaway going on right now.  If you are not completely sold yet, visit Cozi’s “5 Ways Cozi Makes Your Life Easier” or watch Cozi is action by viewing a quick demo.

I am so thrilled to meet the Cozi folks at the Type A Mom Conference later this month. Cozi will be sponsoring a break-out session called, “Selling Ads on Your Blog”, and Robbie Cape, CEO and co-founder of Cozi, will be one of the panel speakers.  Cozi will also have a space set up for conference attendees to come and try out Cozi, so if you are attending the conference, please stop by!