Don’t Rock That Baby! by Ann Tillage – Review


I had the pleasure of reading a copy of Don’t Rock That Baby! The Other Advice: 46 Steps to Survive the First Year of Motherhood.

This sweet, 60 page book is full of helpful tips (46 to be exact) perfect for the first-time mom who hasn’t yet experienced sleep deprivation, childcare guilt, or the joys of bonding with her little one.  It is also great for us “experienced” moms who need a refresher course on how to deal with the screaming-puking-constant diaper changing-no rest for the weak-uncontrollable sobbing, joys of parenting an infant.  Ann makes a point to sprinkle humor throughout her book, which helps one to remember that laughter really IS the best medicine in the toughest of times. (and what’s tougher than parenting?)

What I found the most interesting about this read was Ann’s “no rock policy.”  As the title of her book states, Ann believes in NOT rocking your baby.  Controversial, yes, but I can see where she is coming from since I am still rocking my almost one year-old son to sleep, including in the middle of the night.  I had never considered (or even heard of) her method before reading this book and I am now quite fascinated in learning more.  You’ll have to read the book to get the full scoop!

Even if you don’t agree with the “no rock policy” (and you should at least hear her out), this book is definitely worth purchasing and sticking in your diaper bag for quick reference, packing in your suitcase on the way to the hospital, or giving to a new mom as a baby shower gift.  You can purchase this book for the low price of $15.95 at

Overall, I really enjoyed this book as it was easy to read, informative and humorous.  I believe it gives us moms the hope that we CAN and WILL survive the first year of “mommyhood,” no matter the obstacles.

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