Eardoc for Treating Ear Infections – Review


I have always had problems with my ears.  I suffered from ear infections and painful earaches from infancy to my teens.  I still get uncomfortable earaches when I fly and chewing gum just doesn’t do the trick.  I am also not a big medicine user, so I like finding simple solutions in lieu of pills.  I was intrigued when EarDoc approached me about a new product for ear pain that requires no medication whatsoever.

eardoc cleenThe Eardoc is a device that generates and transmits vibrations waves.  It is designed to open the ear tube for about 75% of children up to age seven as well as adults who suffer from earache by the accumulation of liquids and air in the middle ear. In other words, the Eardoc opens the ear tube without medication or ear tube surgery.

How does it work?  It is non-invasive.  You don’t stick anything in your ear.  You just simply place the Eardoc behind the ear, adjust the frequency level, and hold for 2-5 minutes.  You can use it up to six times a day.  Although I did not have ear pain at the time, I tried out the device and it is not uncomfortable in any way.  It is actually quite soothing.  I would love to have this with me when I fly to help unclog my stuffy ears, so I think I will keep it in my purse!

The EarDoc is safe and simple treatment for: (taken from fact sheet)

  • Otitis Media, swimmers ear, hearing loss
  • Trapped fluids and gas in the middle ear
  • Eustrachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Air travelers with ear pain
  • Divers, swimmers

The Eardoc was featured on The Doctors television show, as well as many other national and global magazines and newspapers.  The device retails at $55.00.

DISCLOSURE – I was given an Eardoc and financial compensation in return for this review, giveaway and promotion.  My reviews and recommendations are always honest and true.  Read Mom Spark’s full disclosure here.