Easy Back to School Lunch Tips

This post is sponsored by Capri Sun.

Before we know it, the autumn season will be upon us, the kids will be back in school, and we’ll be wondering how it’s possible that the summer went by so quickly! It happens every year, right? And despite the fact that I can tell you exactly how many days it is until my kids head back to the classroom — I know I won’t feel quite ready on the night before when I’m packing lunches and making sure they have everything they need.

There are a few things that can make getting ready for the first day easy again, and one is knowing exactly what’s going into their lunch or into their backpack for soccer practice or a snack after their school clubs and activities. When I’m making lunch for my youngest, there are only so many foods that I KNOW he will eat and only so many drinks I KNOW he will drink. One of his favorite drinks is Capri Sun Juice Drink — which is awesome because it’s something I can feel GOOD about tossing in his bag! He loves it, I love it — win win!


A little while ago, I mentioned that I’ve joined the #CapriSunCrew to share our experience with their tasty beverages throughout the summer. This is a company who has been listening to exactly what parents want for their kids — and making it happen! Did you know Capri Sun makes juice drinks with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors? They’ve also improved their iconic packaging by adding in a fancy clear bottom so you can see all the tasty stuff inside.


They care about the ingredients that YOU care about and are all about simple ingredients and making sure parents feel good about sharing their juice drink pouches with their families.

With the original Capri Sun Juice Drink variety containing 35% less sugar than other leading juice drinks* (with NO high fructose corn syrup!) it’s no wonder so many families are choosing Capri Sun for their kids!

I hope you guys are all enjoying the remaining weeks of summer vacation — it’s hard to believe it’s already halfway through!

*This product 13g sugars; leading regular juice drinks 22g sugars per 6 fl oz serving.