Easy Valentine’s Day Frame Tutorial

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialSo, I found these super cheap wood frames at Wal-Mart for less than a buck and grabbed up a whole stack of them figuring the heart shape made them prime Valentine’s Day crafting material. And with a little bit of embellishing, this frame turned out to be pretty darn pretty, if I say so myself.

And it’s just the right thing to hold onto a pic of my pretty kitty. Because, yes, I’m the type of person who frames pictures of my pets and I LOVE them 🙂

Easy Valentine's Frame Tutorial

For this project you will need:

  • wooden frames
  • acrylic paint and brush
  • scrapbooking paper
  • transparent glitter
  • Mod Podge matte and brush
  • flowers or other embellishments (look in scrapbooking sections)
  • photo

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialTake your frame and paint the inner bit of the heart and the outside edges. Allow to dry.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialBrush  think coat of Mod Podge onto the front side of the frame. Place your paper on top and use your hands to push out any bubbles and make the paper smooth. Allow to dry.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialUsing scissors and an X-acto knife, if necessary, trim up the excess paper.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialDip your finger into the Mod Podge and go around the edges to clean up any rough edges on the paper and adhere well to the frame.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialBrush Mod Podge around the outside edge and sprinkle with your transparent glitter. Let dry and then shake off the excess.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialHot glue on ribbons, or gems or flowers to embellish the frame.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialUsing the insert that came with the frame, trace and cut out your image and place it in the frame.

Easy Valentine's Frame TutorialAnd there’s my handsome boy! In all this project is super inexpensive, especially if you already have a stash of scrapbooking stuff on hand to use. Otherwise, you can look to spend about $3-5 per frame. Not bad for a custom Valentine!