Essential Oil Gifts For Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, friends! Today I wanted to share some ideas for sharing your favourite essential oils with dad! My guy wasn’t a huge fan of essential oils in the beginning, but after a few excellent experiences with peppermint oil, he’s giving them another go — and loving it! Keep reading to find some cool DIY ideas and oil blends that would be perfect for the dads in your life. Enjoy!

Essential Oil Gifts For Dad!

Essential Oil Gifts For Dad

DIY Beard Oil

If dad is rockin’ a beard, he’s going to love a little homemade beard oil! If he’s not already using a beard oil, he might be surprised to see the difference it can make when it comes to dandruff (beardruff??), softness, and skin irritation.

Natural Shave Cream

If your guy is more of a clean cut dad, you can make him some homemade natural shaving cream to keep his skin feeling nice and smooth. Plus, it smells awesome!

DIY Cologne

You can make your own special blend for dad with the essential oils of your choice! Check out this recipe for a little DIY cologne. You could even name it after dad and make a label just for him — or let the kids make one!

RutaVaLa Roll-On

This is a fantastic oil blend that dad can roll on his feet before bed. It’s a combination Ruta, Valerian, and Lavender essential oils of with a base of coconut oil which promotes relaxation. It smells earthy and a little floral. A great idea for dad’s who have trouble falling asleep at night, or relaxation before light’s-out.

DIY Natural Deodorant

Looking for a more natural deodorant solution for dad that doesn’t cost and arm and leg? Try making your own as a gift! The essential oil combination in this homemade deodorant smells incredible.

Homemade Hand Degreaser

If dad’s idea of a good time is working on cars and getting his hands dirty, he’s going to appreciate this gift of homemade hand degreaser made with epsom salts and lemon essential oil!

DIY Car Diffuser

Skip the chemicals and made dad a DIY car diffuser that’ll keep his ride smelling fresh and clean. You can change out the scents based on the season or his personal preference.

Ortho Ease Massage Oil

Give dad the gift of a break from his everyday aches and pains with this awesome massage oil from Young Living. Great for a back massage, legs, or feet — and it smells really great. You might find yourself using some too!